Bert belasco dating

This patient turns up in a dream House has before the patient is given him even though House has no memory of ever having seen him before.

I would LOVE to spoil it for you but I wont because the episodes I saw are too darn good to spoil.

She tells House her therapist says she has OCD because she drinks water all the time including getting up in the middle of the night to drink.

House deduces that she has diabetes insipidus due to an accident on a balance beam.

It’s awesome that the quality is not sacrificed and we even get a new show to add to the lineup!

Don’t sleep on 'Let’s Stay together’ its a HILARIOUS romantic comedy! (the few I managed to get with my camera)Barry Floyd “Tee Tee” (The Game) & his date…they’re such a cute couple..he’s shy!