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At the same time, there was a massive decline in pollen from forest trees, marking a striking and devastating change: up to 40% of the forest was burnt within 200 years of Māori settling in New Zealand.Radiocarbon dating shows that deforestation began at the same time throughout the country., and CFC techniques, encompassing the key concepts and methods in using environmental tracers for understanding sources and dynamics of young groundwater.Delivered to you by leading scientists in groundwater age dating research from the world’s most accurate tritium and water dating lab – GNS Science Water Dating Research Laboratory (IAEA Inter-lab Comparison 2012).

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Browse the most interesting profiles, then view photos and remember the people you like.Meet Cuddly Singles in Canterbury with Big Singles Dating, NZ.Plus size women of all shapes and sizes can feel fantastic in what you wear and you can enjoy online dating with the knowledge that there is someone who can't wait to see your curves.Some scientists believe that these minor bracken and charcoal peaks from 100 AD are evidence of human-lit fires, and that people were in New Zealand before the 13th century.However there are equally convincing natural explanations, including lightning strike after droughts, and volcanic eruptions.