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Before we get into the details of how radiometric dating methods are used, we need to review some preliminary concepts from chemistry.

Recall that atoms are the basic building blocks of matter.

1 bowl Linthorpe pot Linthorpe vase Squat Linthorpe vase Longpark Pottery Longpark bowl and jug Longpark jug Longpark jug and bowl Longpark teapot Longpark Torquay vase Longwy Longwy ash tray Longwy fish dishes Longwy Paris dish Longwy plate Longwy tray Small Longwy dish Turquoise Longwy pot Lotus Pottery Lotus candlesticks Lotus dish Lotus jardinière Lotus lamp base Lotus pot Lotus vase Patterned Lotus vase Lovatt and Lovatt Langley footwarmer Lanley Ware planter Lovatt stoneware pot Lovatt's longboat Lovique jug Ornate Lovatt vase Lowerdown Pottery David Leach bottle vase David Leach bowl David Leach celadon jug David Leach dish David Leach earthenware pot David Leach egg dish David Leach eggcup David Leach faceted bowl David Leach globe vase David Leach lidded pot David Leach plate David Leach porcelain bottle David Leach porcelain bowl David Leach porcelain vase David Leach quart jug David Leach slipware vase David Leach tenmoku bowl David Leach waisted vase David Leach willow pot 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porcelain pedestal bowl Bill Marshall stoneware tile Bill Marshall yunomi - 1 Bill Marshall yunomi - 2 Faceted Bill Marshall yunomi Large covered pot by Bill Marshall Leach Pottery Bill Marshall vase Lugged vessel by Bill Marshall Porcelain Bill Marshall pot Tall Bill Marshall bottle William Marshall bottle vase William Marshall bowl William Marshall flask William Marshall tray Mask Pottery Mask Dish Mask jug Mask mug Mask vase Massier, Clément, Jérôme & Delphin Clément Massier Bowl Clément Massier vase Delphin Massier vase Jérôme Massier bowl Jérôme Massier vase Large Clément Massier art pot Matsubayashi, Tsuronosuke Matsubayashi dish 1 Matsubayashi dish 2 Maw & Co Red Maw vase Melville, David David Melville jug Large Melville bowl Melville decorated bowl Melville jug Melville lamp base Small David Melville vase Merlin Pottery Black Merlin basket Green Merlin basket Merlin jug Merlin vase Two Merlin miniature jugs Methvens Green Abbotsford vase Tall Abbotsford vase Two Abbotsford pots 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bowl William Moorcroft vase Moorcroft, William Moorcroft Powder Blue Moorcroft sang-de-boeuf vase William Moorcroft vase Moore, C P Urmston pot Morley Fox and Co Morley, Fox bowl Moss, Bernard Bernard Moss 'Family Group' Bernard Moss 'Fisherman' Bernard Moss long dish Bernard Moss necked pot Bernard Moss operatic couple Bernard Moss single nodder Bernard Moss vase Brown Bernard Moss bowl Good Clean Fun Moss beaker Pair of Moss dishes Mosse, Michael Mosse badger jug Mosse cow jug Muchelney Pottery John Leach barrel mug John Leach black mood pot John Leach black mood vase John Leach bottle vase John Leach bowl John Leach Jar John Leach kostrel John Leach leather bottle pot John Leach Muchelney bottle John Leach tenmoku bottle John Leach vase Muchelney bowl Muchelney container Muchelney jug Muchelney millennium mug Muchelney mug Muchelney vase Nic Rees bowl Pair of Muchelney mugs Small John Leach vase Small Muchelney jug Two John Leach jugs Murray, Keith Keith Murray tankard Large Keith 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squat Rooke pot Small Rooke lamp base Small Rooke pot Squat Rooke vase Toroidal Rooke bottle Wood-clad Rooke lamp Rorstrand Rorstrand Jubilee plates Rorstrand jug Rorstrand sauce boat Skåne plate Swedish Kakao jar Rosenthal Aladin dish VII Aladin dish X Bjørn Wiinblad oriental trinket pot Group of Rosenthal Studio Linie pieces James Kirkwood Studio-Linie dish Pair of Warhol mugs Peynet 'Courtship' figures Rosenthal ash tray Rosenthal commemorative vase Rosenthal dish Rosenthal Flash Love Story bowl Rosenthal fox Rosenthal paper bag Rosenthal Peynet vase Rosenthal Pot with lid Rosenthal Santa Rosenthal stag beetle Rosenthal Studio Linie pot Rosenthal Studio-linie teapot set Rosenthal Uta Feyl vase Rosenthal Vase Studio Linie cylinder vase Toucan cup and saucer White Studio Linie vase Wiinblad 'Quatre Couleurs' bowl Wiinblad bowl Royal Copenhagen Factory Aluminia beaker Aluminia bowl Aluminia covered pot Copenhagen 1990 plate Copenhagen Christmas plate Copenhagen coffee set Copenhagen studio bottle Copenhagen vase with curved sides Copenhagen vase with straight sides Copenhagen Zenit vase Danish trinket trays Large Copenhagen vase Nils Thorsson fish dish Oyster dishes Pierced Royal Copenhagen bowl Royal Copenhagen bowl Royal Copenhagen tea items Traditional Danish figures Unusual Copenhagen vase Ruskin Pottery Flared Ruskin vase Ruskin buttons Ruskin decorations Ruskin Decorations II Ruskin jar Ruskin vase Yellow Ruskin bowl Rye Pottery 1950s Rye lamp base Bonassera bayonet light bulb Bonassera champagne corks Bonassera cookie sack Bonassera cruet Bonassera goblets Bonassera his and hers mugs Bonassera inverted glove vase Bonassera mug Bonassera pie box Bonassera screw light bulb Bonassera STOP!

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Honiton Mayflower platter Honiton milk jug Honiton No.

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The Pottery Studio is a knowledge base for collectors, students and lovers of all kinds of pottery.The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom determines the element.About twelve thousand years ago, Finland (the area inhabited by Finns, Karelians and Lapps, between Norway and Lake Onega) was almost totally buried under a continental ice sheet, just as Greenland is today.With our focus on one particular form of radiometric dating—carbon dating—we will see that carbon dating strongly supports a young earth.Note that, contrary to a popular misconception, carbon dating is not used to date rocks at millions of years old.