Dating former boyfriend

When they aren’t together, the two have been leaving flirtatious and cute comments on each other’s social media posts.

on July 11, the former boyfriend of Khloe Kardashian referred to Demi Lovato as his “baby mama” while urging fans to buy her new single.

Many WWE Superstars date fellow wrestlers, and while Sanders is an elite athlete like Lynch, he’s not a wrestler.

Ed wasn't honest, he wasn't close with his family, he wasn't close with my family or my friends.And when they aren’t in the studio, the lovebirds have been spending an awful lot of time with one another.In the last few months, French and Demi have shared a slew of posts to their Snapchat, Instragram and Twitter feeds, showing love and support for one another.Get a glimpse into her happily ever after below, and check out her adorable abode on POPSUGAR Home!"First of all, there is no relationship that is ever easy," Jillian notes.