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Poke Dates will hook you up with fellow players who are also looking for love (and Pokemon).Once you’ve answered a few questions the service will arrange a time for you to meet up with your Poke Bae at a specific Poke Stop or Poke Gym (there’s a lot of poke-ing going on).The sadness you feel when you think about summer ending isn't because you have to go back to school or back home from a great vacation. He's the Danny to your Sandy, and the song “Summer Nights” feels like it was written just for you. You start to wonder what you're going to say on the last day. You're sad because you know you may never see them again. Then, you start to panic.“Will this be the last time I ever see him? Amy Schumer is fine after a bout of food poisoning and will be performing upcoming shows in Southern California as scheduled, her rep said Tuesday.That said, food poisoning Schumer-style is anything but boring: The comic has been chronicling her suffering on social media.

If you’ve had enough of playing the game by yourself you might be able to find a partner with this new app.

What happens when you meet someone, but you know you only have a few weeks (or, at most, a few months) with them? You enjoy a few beers and a lot of laughs and make amazing memories. There will be tears, and you'll wonder if you seem pathetic for thinking that something was ever going to come out of it. You met a great person whom you just happened to catch feelings for. You'll always have those memories, and you'll remember that summer for years to come.

Life is good, until you start to panic after you realize you have to eventually say goodbye to them. You say it's “just a summer fling.” But, what do you do? You start to want to see them more and more before you know they'll leave. You start to think that maybe, just maybe, it'll work out once summer ends. You will think you seem crazy for thinking there was something between the two of you. They came into your life for a reason (well, a season).

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