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Rather than escaping to somewhere warm for a winter vacation, embrace the season by taking a long drive and renting a lake house or log cabin. Leave your laptops at home and turn off your cell phone for the weekend.Ice skating is too predictable, so why not try something new and unusual?

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You need a local Chinatown, long undies, and a whole lot of one-dollar bills.Then, see how many places nearby offer taste testings, tours and/or freebies to try out, and join each other for an excursion to crown the best of the area.Alternatively, you could make it a theme for each of your dates that you'll try one thing off of this seasonal taste list, and crown your favorite on New Years Day.: One of my favorite memories as a child was helping my parents deliver care baskets to families in need during several different holiday seasons.It’s a spirit that guarantees both you and your partner will stay toasty during cold winter months.Find a local bar or distillery that offers bourbon tastings and learn the difference between a 7-year-old 107-proof and a single barrel, 86-proof.