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For one thing, employees are focused on just your business, but outside parties have their own clients, vendors and responsibilities they're involved with.

In other words, while you may expect someone within your company to respond to a message immediately, an external partner may be working on something else at the moment so it's important to establish your expectations about response times up front.

He flew a half-dozen times in his first six months, taking trips from his Denver home to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and various vacation paradises.

“I’m paying this amount of money and getting ,000 flights for free, that’s a good deal.” Over the last two years, Jet Smarter has earned a reputation as a fast-growing startup with a luxury product and investors to match.

In fact, her firm was the first agency to beta test Slack prior to public launch.

Here's how she says you can use Slack with your outside partners, as well.

Tim Martz made his fortune in broadcast radio, but even as a wealthy man, the price of chartering a private jet always stung a bit.

Florida governor Rick Scott was on hand to dedicate its new office in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Or at least that portion of the masses for whom business class was not enough but owning a Gulfstream was out of reach.

Birdman was a bit more direct when speaking about how the departure of other Hot Boys members changed Cash Money."Once they left, I was like, fuck 'em, I'ma do me, let them do them," Birdman said.

"It was fun in the beginning, but it ended up being pain at the end for them.

But when it comes to creativity, business, music, I really put that shit in them.

I taught 'em that."Slim added that he was "disappointed" in how everything went, but wasn't interested in "bashing" any artists.