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So go and post you GIF :)#ello #void #bmoca #art #gif #contemporary Description below: Show Your GIF Art at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMo CA)!

We’ve rewritten the dating rules for every other person in your life! Right can be used to have satisfying and pain-free relationships with parents, children, step children, in-laws, friends (especially non-Rules Girls), married men, exes, bosses, co-workers, blended families and much more. gif Retrofuture Handdrawn Glitch Tumblr Artist Spotlight Shop/Buy About Art director | Motion Designer Run this art blog from year 2583. #Tumblr Creatr Gustavo Torres/Kidmograph All images done by [email protected] CA x Ello THE VOIDI will be selecting (among @render_fruit and @heytvm) the 20 Artists that represents thia year subject: The Void.Their work will consider the presences and absences created by the ubiquity of social media, dating platforms, online virtual worlds, automated commercial interfaces, humanoid robotics, and more—that leave us feeling at once more connected and isolated than ever before.As part of this year’s Media Live festival, BMo CA and Ello have teamed to present an International GIF Exhibition.