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The country is officially at war with Israel and has a law that boycotts Israeli products and bars Lebanese citizens from travelling or having contact with Israeli citizens.Local newspaper However, the ban has not yet been enforced, and a representative of one Lebanese cinema chain stated that a premiere has been planned.I originally let the young women chose where they wanted to be photographed and after a couple of them chose their bedroom, I realized that was the nexus of a project.The room was a metaphor, an extension of the girl, but also the girl seemed to be part of the room, to fit in, just like everything else in the material and emotional space.Would you have put a prostitute among the 50 most attractive european women?:/But thanks all the same cuz you made me discover Amina Kaddur OMG I'm Arabic And I dont know most of those womens !! Also there are fake pictures for famous names like Nadine Lapaki !!I started photographing them and their girlfriends, and quickly realized how aware they were of each other's presence, and how much the group affected the identity they were portraying to the world.From this recognition the idea of photographing each girl alone, by herself, emerged.

Zahia is only a prostitute,you can't compare her to any arab actress or singer.Thats not her Nadine Lapaki is much better than this one ..There are money Mistakes of the jops like Cyrine Is not a model she's a singer and actor I want you to hear her song el-3yon el-3asalya... See Arabic men Moahmed Qaq , Mohamed bash , Hossam Taha and Ahmed el-Sakka You dont think arabic girls are beautiful because they dont get naked :) See girls I taled you about they have many pictures with no make up there are so pretty ...Furthermore, the Associated Press has reported posters and digital billboards for the film have been spotted in Beirut.A security official told AP that a recommendation from a six-ministry-member committee would be required for the ban to be enacted.