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Many people have difficulty shuffling playing cards, and this can be problematic when playing at a table without a professional dealer – such as in home games or self dealt games (where each player takes it in turn to shuffle and deal).

The solution to this problem is to get a pack of playing cards and learn how to shuffle – which is the objective of these card shuffling tutorials.

If you fall into this minority of poker players then now is the time to learn.

You probably can’t shuffle because you’ve never been taught the correct techniques.

Stardate 1604.01: At am EDT this morning, the National Air and Space Museum began breeding tribbles.

This bold, innovative, not-at-all-ill-advised experiment will run for 24 hours, until pm tonight, allowing Museum specialists to study the galaxy’s most adorable ecological disaster in greater detail than ever before.

Not only are they animated, but they also have sound effects!

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Intensity features all the video connections you need to connect to video cameras, set-top boxes, game consoles, large screen TVs and projectors.

Intensity is available in a choice of models featuring either USB 3.0 or lightning fast Thunderbolt™ technology!

So, we worked with several specialized veterinary schools and zoos in order to create a special diet and then it was easy—we just fed them and let nature take its course,” said Dr.

Margaret Weitekamp, curator of the Museum’s Social and Cultural Dimensions of Spaceflight collection.