Macintosh dating game

After receiving great response from my recent article about early emails and forum posts from successful tech founders, I thought you guys would like this too.Here’s a list of early interviews, talks, and documentaries of famous tech founders who created billion-dollar companies.

The best part is that you can emulate the programs right in your browser.

If you're upgrading to the latest version of Apple's operating system, you'll be upgrading to mac OS, not OS X.

The underlying architecture and overall experience remain basically the same, but the name is now consistent with Apple's i OS and watch OS. mac OS Sierra is available as a free upgrade right now, but many people got early access to it by taking advantage of a public beta Apple made available a few months ago.

Unless you turn this feature off, every file and subfolder in your Desktop and Documents folder automatically gets uploaded to your i Cloud drive—a feature that may prompt you to buy more storage than the 5GB you get free.

The Internet Archive is an indispensable resource for web users, backing up websites and documents and providing copies of historical software, such as the earliest home console and arcade games.