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The original’s executive producer Henry Winkler, who had been on board since the very beginning, was joined by the original series’ creator Lee David Zlotoff.

James Wan, a driving force behind the reboot, remained an executive producer but pulled out from directing because of feature commitments. It is unclear who will direct the new pilot but I hear it is unlikely to be Wan because of his busy feature schedule.

CBS brass had been high from the get-go on rebooting the 1985 series about a resourceful and ingenious agent who improvises his way out of sticky situations using everyday items like rubber bands, chewing gum and a Swiss Army knife.

The project, from CBS TV Studios and Lionsgate TV, has undergone an evolution, with an original script by pilot.

This is a list of secondary characters from the science fiction television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Bareil becomes romantically involved with Major Kira Nerys of the Deep Space Nine space station.

Characters are ordered alphabetically by family name, and only characters who played a significant major role in the series are listed. He runs against Vedek Winn Adami for the role of Kai, but is forced to drop out to protect the reputation of the previous Kai, Opaka. Julian Bashir has to replace his failing organs with cybernetics so that he can continue to advise Winn in negotiations with the Cardassians.

The host of characters around Mac Gyver is expected to change as, besides co-star Eads, the entire supporting cast is gone.He leaves his universe in a foiled attempt to steal an orb.Brunt is a liquidator with the Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA), portrayed by Jeffrey Combs.Jane, a teenager, tries to deal with the realization that she is a lesbian after an intense friendship with another girl leads to her first sexual experience.Jane's mother, Janice, struggles with the revelation of her only daughter's sexuality.