Online dating photo tips for guys speed dating newfoundland

3) Actually look at something rather than thinking too much. You want this photo to look candid as though you didn’t even know you were being photographed.

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If you have professional profile pictures taken, put up one or two photos where you aren’t looking right into the camera.

1) Have someone else there (besides the photographer) that you are talking to or looking at.

2) Mix it up and look at the camera sometimes as well. If you have a great photo of you looking into the camera, you should definitely still post it.

"The photos have to be 400 by 400 pixels for the site, but Mary Beth hadn't used this photo because it was too small, even though it's a great one of her," Hoehn said.

"If a photo is too small, but you feel it's one you want to use, don't be afraid to add a border to make it work.