Rejection email dating

Even if someone you contacted did wait a week to get back to you, you have to then ask yourself this question: Am I willing to play games with my dating life?In either case, the lack of response is a bad sign.

Many people remain a little too hopeful and look for excuses as to why someone might not reply to their contact. And an absence of a response means that there isn’t enough interest to encourage the response. Reverse the situation and imagine someone you were interested in contacted you. The rule is that when one person is interested in another, they’ll respond in a timely fashion.

Hi Meredith, I am an independent woman in my early 30s.

I have a great job, I own a house, and I feel like I have my head on straight.

Whichever stage it happens at how it affects you will depend very much on how you think about it.

Although it may feel very hurtful it is not you as a person that is being rejected.