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“Watching your own work doesn’t get any easier,” she explained.

There seems little doubt, though, that the affection many viewers feel for her heightened the assault scene’s shock quotient.

“Look how that's turned out for you,” her mom mutters under her breath, as I make a mental note to send her a Favorite Character trophy as soon as the movie's over. Just like I can't believe Gwen has no idea that her best friend is plotting against her.But she estimated her Royal Navy officer husband Carlos Garreta had been away at sea for six or seven of their ten years of marriage.She said: ‘We managed the childcare through a combination of professional and family help, but it’s not been easy.’ Before becoming an MP at the 2005 election, Mr Lancaster served as an officer in the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, based in Hong Kong, and was a director of his family’s company, Kimbolton Fireworks, which is named after their home village in Cambridgeshire. Gwen struggles with whether or not to bring a man into her son Alec's life, since his father was married to someone else and was abusive to her before he died in a drunk driving accident. Our heroine is Gwen Griffith (Sarah Lancaster), a single mom who's behind on her mortgage payments, something the movie makes very clear thanks to the “PAST DUE NOTICE” in huge letters on the paper she's holding, as well as the numerous phone calls she gets about it and the fact that she never stops mentioning it.