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And, like all the hosts, the poor dude was programmed to have no clue about his true nature. So just that added dimension and added level of reflection was useful. Other than Ford.[] That would’ve spoiled some of the trippy fun.Once Ford flicked a proverbial switch, our man B went full Ash in Alien on Theresa (RIP), dashing the dreams of all the Ber Resa shippers out there. Does anyone else in the park know that Bernard is a host? So no, I played my secrets pretty close, but there was a flurry of freaked-out text messages flying back and forth when the script for episode seven was finally distributed to everyone else in the cast.If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.In addition, this is NOT a forum about crossdressing or transvestites. Also, don't even think about posting gross-out pics here, they will be removed on sight.Megan covers everything from the latest viral videos to online video news and tips, and has a passion for bizarre, original and revolutionary content and ideas. Time to bust out the old “REDDIT WAS RIGHT” T-shirt: It turns out that gentle, curious Bernard Lowe is — [Inception noise] — a host! So she pulled me into her office one day as we were rehearsing and spilled all the cyber-beans. For example, the realization that Bernard has this discovery of the origin of problems with the hosts and of the park itself, to some extent, was equally a journey of self-discovery.

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I found out after we shot the pilot and had returned for the beginning of the second episode. Although [co-creator] Lisa Joy, from time to time as we were gearing up to go back into production, would say cryptically that Bernard is . Once you found out, how did it affect your performance, if at all?

Additionally, if you’re not running the latest version of Skype you may have to update in order to see all of the emoticons.

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Skype already has a bunch of fun preloaded emoticons for you to choose from, like the Emo guy (emo), the dancing guy (\o/) and, of course, the ever popular puking smiley (puke).

But there are loads of hidden Skype emoticons that you can access… With the cheat sheet below, you’re all set to wow your friends in Skype chats. Note: They’re all animated, so just type the codes into a Skype chat to see ‘em in action.