Trinny woodall dating

And this is something Debbie hasn't ruled out featuring in a future series.

She added that she doesn't like to stray too far from Graham's source material.

Trinny Woodall and Charles Saatchi have sparked rumours that romance may be on the menu after the pair have been spotted on a string of dinner dates.

The TV stylist was pictured driving away from Scott's restaurant in London with 70-year-old Charles in the back of her car.

As the argument escalated, she was photographed wiping tears from underneath her sunglasses.

At the end of the meal, Saatchi got up left the table by himself.“He walked off in a huff and left Trinny on her own,” quoted one onlooker as saying.“Her hair appeared dishevelled and her eyes were red from crying.

In the books, as a reader, you're very happy for the story to meander off at a tangent, and you go with it willingly because you're drawn into it."But you can't have that kind of meandering in serial storytelling.

It's more about marshalling the material into stories of the week; making sure each episode is self-contained and satisfactory in its own right, while still continuing the overarching story."e never like to wrap things up," she added.

”He has thus far declined to offer any further statement on the incident.

But it seems he has learned somewhat of a lesson about occasionally choosing a different restaurant to dine at.

The art mogul was pictured eschewing Scott’s in Mayfair yesterday for a local Italian eatery instead, where he ate alone.

hasn't even begun its third series yet, but we already know it will be back for a fourth in 2018. TV show writer Debbie Horsfield said earlier this year that she and her team have yet to start working on a fifth series, and will wait to see if the third and fourth remain popular with viewers., the story has an 11-year time jump.

There are plenty of books in the Winston Graham series to be covered, 12 in fact.