Who is rhett akins dating

The ‘It Goes Like This’ hitmaker says he and wife Lauren have done a pretty good job being honest with each other during their first year of marriage. “I think at one point I actually did promise her that when I was younger.“Being backstage at a lot of different places there’s a lot going on and you gotta be 100 percent honest with the other person,” Rhett tells Taste of Country. But she’s a huge supporter of me, and she knows that I have my head on straight now and my faith drives me.” If you only listen to songs like ‘Something to Do With My Hands’ and ‘Round Here’ (which the young star helped write for Florida Georgia Line), you may get the wrong impression.They got to be friends in sixth grade, even went to the same church camp several years in a row.He was head over heels for her throughout their childhoods.

Throw in a guitar, a few sensitive songs, alcohol and a room full of female fans … Just to kind of let her know what’s going on and vice versa.” Rhett’s father is singer Rhett Akins.The Taste of Country Christmas Tour headliner spoke to us before a road stop in Tallahassee, Fla.The early morning phone call was not his idea (: No. ), but he was more than happy to share his tricks for balancing the life of a country music star with that of a married man, and talk about the controversy behind one song on his new ‘It Goes Like This‘ album. I was just very adamant with the record label and with my video producer, just saying, “Look man, it’s not a big deal. Being an artist, you just gotta be ready to miss certain things, like Halloween and all these kind of things that you used to be able to be free for. At the same time, me and Lauren have definitely made a life for ourselves out here.Lauren, not so much.“She was just like the All-American, friendliest, nicest.She was tall, blond, beautiful, pretty much the total package for any dude from sixth grade all the way through high school,” Thomas Rhett said.“I’m pretty sure every guy had a crush on her.”The two dated a little in high school — the ill-fated trampoline kiss happened sophomore year — but Lauren said she decided that she and Thomas Rhett were better off just being friends.