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On one occasion Farenthold allegedly told his aides that a 'female lobbyist had propositioned him for a "threesome."' On another, Greene says, the congressman told her that he and his 'estranged' wife Debbie had not had sex in years.Greene also charged that after the chief of staff complained that her shirt was 'transparent' and he could see her nipples, Farenthold told his personal assistant that as far as he was concerned, Greene 'could show her nipples whenever she wanted to.'And she said Farenthold told another staff member that he had 'sexual fantasies' and 'wet dreams' about her. In the caption, George's business partner thanked Amal for providing the "cool cake."It wasn't just a party for George, as Amal included his business partner."Amal made it a joint birthday celebration," the source says, "since Rande's birthday was just a couple of weeks ago.""George had the best time celebrating his birthday with his best friends, and he was genuinely surprised," the source reveals.She also had this great cake made replicating the Casamigos Tequila bars from their houses in Mexico." Rande, who turned 55 on Apr.

Later in the hot-mic audio, Collins gets into the hirsute Farenthold's appearance: 'What a fat guy. Asked about the odd challenge, Collins told the Associated Press: 'In the 20 years that I've been in the Senate, I've heard a lot of suggestions for how to resolve disagreements.When George pulled into his driveway, Rande "came from around the bushes driving George's lawnmower and pulled up beside George's car while Cindy was nearby in the garden cutting fresh flowers." Luckily, the source tells E! "Only "close friends" were invited to celebrate with George, who launched his premium tequila company with Rande in 2013."Amal had everyone come for dinner and to drink Casamigos.not while Kourt's showing off way more ass than she usually does. Pink seems to be Kourtney's fave color the last couple days, but that fantasstic two-piece is next level. Her acting clashed with her costars’ — not that there’s anything wrong with that.